Everything a Private Pilot Helicopter student needs for ground school and to pass the FAA Knowledge Exam and checkride, in an ASA Pilot Briefcase.


Helicopter Student Pilot Kit includes: 

  • Principles of Helicopter Flight, by Wal Wagtendonk 
  • Principles of Helicopter Flight Syllabus, eBook
  • Helicopter Flying Handbook (8083-21)
  • Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge 
  • Private Pilot Test Prep 
  • FAR/AIM book
  • Private Oral Exam Guide, by Michael Hayes 
  • Helicopter Oral Exam Guide, by Ryan Dale 
  • Practical Test Standards for Private Pilot Rotorcraft (Helicopter)
  • Student Pilot Guide 
  • Fiberboard E6-B flight computer
  • Ultimate Rotating Plotter 
  • ASA Pilot Briefcase
  • Standard Pilot Log (Navy - SP-57) 

ASA Helicopter Student Pilot Kit