Designed for ground instructors, flight instructors, and aviation maintenance instructors, this Aviation Instructor's Handbook was developed by the FAA in cooperation with aviation educators and industry to help beginning instructors understand and apply the fundamentals of instruction. This handbook provides aviation instructors with up-to-date information on learning and teaching, and how to relate this information to the task of teaching aeronautical knowledge and skills to students. Experienced aviation instructors will also find the information useful for improving their effectiveness in training activities. This book is a key reference tool to all the information necessary for operating as an authorized flight instructor and passing the Fundamentals of Instructing FAA Knowledge Exam. 

With full color illustrations, the book includes chapter summaries, glossary, and index. This 2008 edition reflects current aviation industry procedures, equipment, techniques and regulations. Softcover, 228 pages. 

ISBN: 978-1-56027-749-1

Aviation Instructor's Handbook