Cockpit Procedures by Chris Burger 
Effective Routines for Pilots and Virtual Aviators


Written by an experienced instructor and pilot examiner, Cockpit Procedures provides a solid understanding of the underlying principles and detailed descriptions of the checklists and routines used in many flight schools. This book is a description of what you should be doing during each phase of flight, including emergencies and training maneuvers. Readers will find it contains a practical definition of airmanship, good habits to develop, workload management, and even what you should have in your flight bag. This book covers actual cockpit actions and thinking, providing the rationale behind common procedures that are standard practice in the training environment and in the airlines. 

Both airplanes and helicopters are covered, delivering the essential aspects of effective training—technical knowledge, practical application and context learning. In this way the author  encourages structure and discipline, while fostering a passion for aviation. Cockpit Procedures targets the pilot just beginning his/her career, yet many of the philosophies and practical techniques taught here are so fundamental and powerful they will carry a pilot right through to retirement.

Chris R. Burger is an instructor and pilot examiner, flies both airplanes and helicopters, was previously an Air Traffic Controller, and runs a flying school in South Africa.

Includes illustrations, glossary and helpful appendices. Softcover, 7-1/4 inches x 9 inches, 144 pages.
ISBN 978-1-56027-721-7

Cockpit Procedures