Gleim has set the standard in FAA test preparation for over 20 years. With the introduction of Pilot Logbook, Gleim expands its market-leading product line with this new resource for pilots and flight instructors.

- Practical for all pilot skill levels, student through professional 
- Eases the burden of record-keeping for pilots and instructors 
- Full-featured logbook without the bulk of "professional" logs 
- 450 entries means a decreased risk of losing a lifetime of flight experience without sacrificing the features of a "professional" flight log 
- Affordable and efficient 

Product Features:
- Pages to list certificates, ratings, and operating privileges 
- Up to 450 flight entries 
- Complete endorsement section covering all endorsements required for student through CFII training ground instruction 
- Separate table of contents with numbered pages for quick reference 
- Larger than a typical student log but not as bulky, fragile, or heavy as a "professional" flight log 
- High quality paper and hard-cover binding

GLEIM Pilot Logbook