APR's E6B9 (Standard Series)

E6B9 The Classic E6-B Wind Triangle and T/S/D Computer. Includes wind triangle information and low speed slide.

E6B9HL The Classic E6-B Wind Triangle and T/S/D Computer. Includes both low (40 to 270 kts or mi) and high (200 to 700 kts or mi) speed slides. 

E6B9WHL The Classic Universal E6-B Wind Triangle and T/S/D Computer with patent-pending Double Wind Speed Cursor Arm, high and low speed slide.

E6B9WL The Classic Universal E6-B featuring Wind Speed Cursor Arm which quickly shows ground speed, wind correction angle, and heading. Includes low and wind triangle information slides.

E6B-LHS Lo & Hi Speed Slide for E6B9 or E6B2

E6B9-WSS Lo Speed Slide for E6B9

E6B9VP Vinyl Pouch for E6B9 Computers
All E6B9 products come with a vinyl pouch. Vinyl pouch also available for sale separately. 

The Windspeed Cursor Arm quickly solves wind triangle problems in 3 steps and eliminates plotting pencil dots on plastic disc.

Standard Aluminum Flight Computer - E6B9 & Variations